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Welcome to Scale

a collective of eCommerce pioneers

Who we are

We are a collective

of diverse and creative strategists who believe solutions can be found in the most interesting places. We don’t only think outside of the box, we strive to redefine it.

Together we have a lifetime of experience in health, nutrition, entertainment, advertising, creative, media buying, strategy, performance optimization, and leadership.

We have achieved success that has resulted in thousands of lives changed and millions of dollars of revenue.

Together we’re better.

  • Growing

    Growing our business through quality and innovation.

  • Educating

    Providing content and tools that empower people to make better health decisions.

  • Delivering

    Delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

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A 360-Degree Approach


We believe that in order to make a positive impact on people’s lives, it’s important to take a 360 degree approach that includes offering high quality products while providing educational content, community and tools that support and empower people to make the right health decisions and ultimately lead healthier lives.

As a young company that believes in giving back, we’ve already made and continue to make considerable donations to charity. Some of the causes we support include: Save The Children, Global Fund for Women, National Breast Cancer Association, Kiva Microloans, and Heifer International.


    We strive to embrace our role as an educator and to help raise the standards of public health by developing and publishing trustworthy, cutting-edge health, wellness, and fitness-related content.


    Our mission is to help people make smarter health choices and lead healthier lifestyles by creating clinically-studied, best-in-class products made right here in America.


    Scale has successfully developed proprietary business software and customer portal platforms that elevate and streamline the user experience, allowing our team to deliver an unparalleled experience.



Our mission is simple: helping people live longer, healthier lives through the powerful integration of advanced science and nature.

We’re dedicated to helping you regain your vitality by providing a gateway to health which includes innovative health supplements and access to the latest research news, nutrition, and fitness, so you can lead a stronger, healthier life.



We're more than just a brand. We're a lifestyle that supports all types of women and all types of hair. Becoming a part of Hair La Vie means a commitment to a positive self-image that lasts for a lifetime.

Whether you want to enhance the appearance of thick, naturally healthy hair, need help strengthening and fortifying from root to tip, supporting your scalp, or just promoting a vibrant, beautiful look, we've got you covered.

We use the latest hair care research - as well as top formulators - to make sure our products are tailored specifically to your hair needs. Every ingredient is carefully considered, diligently researched, and thoroughly tested before inclusion into one of our proprietary formulas.

Our Brands



We are a tight-knit, laid-back company that embraces individual initiative and accountability, encouraging each individual’s passion to learn, develop, and grow. We work hard and we play hard. We believe in innovation, big ideas, and rewarding great work. Join our team.

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We are looking for an experienced full-cycle Recruiter to join our company.  This position will be responsible for all aspects of sourcing the highest caliber candidates to fulfill positions across all functions, technical and creative. This position will also be in charge of managing the entire recruitment process from initial contact to employee onboarding.

In this role, you will...
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Digital Advertising (PPC) Campaign Manager

We’re looking for a Digital Advertising (PPC) Campaign Manager to join our team.

The perfect candidate combines left/right brain capabilities in order to come up with fresh, effective marketing campaigns - and follow up with analyzing data to find how best to optimize landing pages, sales funnels and ad campaigns.

You’ll manage search, native and display ad campaigns acr...
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Brand Manager

We’re looking for a Brand Manager to join our company and be responsible for all aspects of  launching and growing a new innovative brand in the health and fitness space.

This candidate will be working in a very entrepreneurial setting and have a lot of autonomy to creatively launch and grow the brand.  You will work at both the strategic level, help set strategic goals wit...
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Content Marketing Manager

As the Content Marketing Manager you will strategically lead and efficiently grow our brands’ audiences onsite and on social platforms via content marketing, social media, and video distribution.

You will design and implement digital content distribution strategy and translate data-driven insights into scalable leads/sales funnel. You will work alongside the content and email ma...
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Director of Email Marketing & Retention

As the Director of Email Marketing & Retention, you will spearhead all aspects of our email marketing and customer retention efforts. You will work together with the email marketing managers to develop and optimize email and retention strategies to ensure that all campaigns meet our overall strategy, branding, marketing, communication and sales goals.

Major Responsibilities-

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Native Digital Acquisition Specialist

We’re looking for a Digital Acquisition Specialist to join our team. The perfect candidate combines left/right brain capabilities in order to come up with fresh, effective online advertising campaigns - and follow up with analyzing data to find how best to optimize landing pages, sales funnels, and digital ad campaigns.

You’ll manage social, native and display ad campaigns acro...
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